In the work of ENUMERATE many experts from the cultural heritage section e.g. museums, libraries and archives are involved and provide support in the development of reliable data on digitisation and publication of digital information. Experts with methodological and with statistical background are also part of the network in order to develop instruments which are helpful for the whole field.

ENUMERATE is supported by:

Adolf Knoll; National Library of the Czech Republic; Prague, Czech Republic; adolf.knoll (at)

Rand Eppich; TECNALIA Research & Innovation; Derio, Spain; rand.eppich (at)

Jeffrey van der Hoeven; Koninklijke Bibliotheek; The Hague, The Netherlands; jeffrey.vanderhoeven (at)

Max Hammond; Berlin, Germany; max (at)

Rui Guerra; INTK; Utrecht, The Netherlands; rui (at)

Alenka Kavčič-Čolić; National and University Library; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Alenka.Kavcic (at)

Elena Sanchez Nogales; National Library of Spain; Madrid, Spain; elena.sanchez (at)

Richard Wright; Preservation Guide; London, United Kingdom; (at)

Trilce Navarrete; University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; T.Navarrete (at)

Gaby Wijers; NIMk; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; gaby (at)

Alejandro Nuevo Gómez; Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport; Madrid, Spain; alejandro.nuevo (at)

Reinhard Altenhöner; German National Library, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; r.altenhoener (at)

Prof. Andreas Rauber; Technical University Vienna, Austria; rauber (at)

Marta Torres Santo Domingo; Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Biblioteca Histórica; Madrid, Spain; mtorress (at)

Marcel Ras; National Library of The Netherlands, The Hague; Marcel.ras (at)

Rafael Roset; Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya; Barcelona, Spain; rafael.roset (at)

Julio Cordal Elviro; Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport; Madrid, Spain; julio.cordal (at)

Neil Grindley; Jisc, London, United Kingdom; n.grindley (at)

Raivo Ruusalepp; National Library of Estonia; Tallinn, Estonia; raivo (at)

More than 50 experts were involved in one-day meetings to discuss how measures can be developed for costs in digitisation, for use of digital heritage (of which we would like to have a better understanding).

If you are interested to contribute, please get in contact with the project coordinator.