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ENUMERATE Work Packages

-- The information below refers to the ENUMERATE 2011-2014 project. We are in the process of creating an up-to-date website within the Europeana Pro environment.--


The project has four work packages:

WP 1 — People (Community Engagement)

The purpose here is to secure commitment from and engagement by the entire community of practice throughout Europe in order to strengthen the knowledge and policy planning on digital cultural services.

It will develop and sustain the human infrastructure needed for successful knowledge exchange about data collection methodology and about the results of the project.

While providing a valuable infrastructure to shape, test and deliver the other work packages, the ENUMERATE community will also support the growth of a network for collaboration and knowledge-exchange on digitization of cultural heritage across Europe.

Best practice exchange and networking are at the heart of ENUMERATE. WP 1 will ensure that the knowledge, expertise and human, social and professional capital generated in the course of the project is published, harnessed and sustained, even beyond the project lifespan. 

Coordinated by: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SPK), Germany.

Contact: Prof. Monika Hagedorn-Saupe.

WP 2 — System (Survey methodology and implementation)

WP 2 will map the requirements for the effective collecting and harmonisation of statistical data about digitization and digital preservation activities in Europe. This mapping will reassess and refine the NUMERIC project methodology. The result will be a new set of tools and procedures for the proper handling of the ENUMERATE surveys.

The survey work will be split into a high level questionnaire with a core set of questions, and more in-depth inquiries into topics such as costs, growth, use and preservation of digital cultural heritage. A core task in this work package will be the exact scoping of both surveys.

ENUMERATE will engage experts from inside and outside the cultural heritage sector to establish a survey methodology which will generate both valid and generic data about digital heritage collections and services across Europe.

The National Coordinators will be encouraged to translate the tools and procedures into their own languages if and when possible.

Coordinated by: Stichting DEN, The Netherlands.

Contact: Dr Marco de Niet.

WP 3 — Information (data collecting, analysis and reporting)

Here we will:

·       Test the surveying methodologies through case studies.

·       Implement the Core Survey in 2011 and 2013.

·       Implement the Thematic Survey in 2012.

·       Harmonize the data from all the surveys.

·       Produce reports, digests and other output resulting from the surveys, providing situational awareness of the progression of digitization and digital preservation in Europe.

Coordinated by: Digibis Producciones Digitales, Spain.

Contact: Xavier Agenjo-Bullon.

WP 4 — Process (Project Management)

This work package will:

·       Deliver an excellent project, by implementing proper planning and control;

·       Create favourable conditions for knowledge exchange;

·       Deliver full accountability, including detailed financial reporting;

·       Ensure sustainability of the project results beyond the project lifetime.

Coordinated by: Collections Trust, United Kingdom.

Contact: Gordon McKenna.